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Our Aim At VM| voguemagazin.com, we’re all about connecting you to the world of fashion, style and everything fabulous. We want you to make new friends; share memories that mean most to you establish new relationships and discover exciting places. At voguemagazin.com, we want users to be more open and linked with one another. Our efforts are similar to the phenomenon of bringing the world of fashion and style closer to you. It’s like creating a community that extends across the globe. We want to give you the authority to build and share your thoughts, your perspective and your vision in a simple, convenient and quick manner. And that too without any boundaries. Our emphasis has always lied upon users being more open, expressive and informative about their views regarding fashion and lifestyle. Our Audience When we mean fashion, we mean big. This social network has been derived for all those individuals who are passionate about fashion, style, beauty, accessories, health and fitness, lifestyle, jewelry and so much more. We want you to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, happenings, gossip, celebrity news, music charts, Hollywood movie buzz, talent shows, casting calls and everything that’s related to the fashion and entertainment industry.

At VM| voguemagazin.com, we welcome private individuals as well as companies, retailer brands, make-up artists, fashion designers, models, photographers, stylists and celebrities. Whether you’re aspiring to reach your goals or renowned for your talent, we welcome you to our world of connectivity across borders. We want you to post and share your ideas, creativity and opinions about fashion and style. This will be done in an effort to inspire others so that readers know what’s hot and what’s not. The Company VM| voguemagazin.com has thousands of servers across Europe. It was founded in September 2016 and since then continues to serve users across the globe. Our team comprises of skilled employees who come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Since the start, our founders’ motto has been related to all things fashion and style. Whether you’re looking for a job as an actor or model and are waiting to be discovered or whether you wish to share your passion and get inspired by others, the possibilities are endless. For this reason, voguemagazin.com has become the home for visual sharing for men, women, teens, celebrities, actors, models, musicians and fashion designers amongst many others. Together, we work relentlessly across our numerous offices to give you the attention, service and care you need. From our headquarters to all the way across the globe, our mission has always been dedicated to creating a platform where users can unite and bring their passion for style and fashion forward.

At voguemagazin.com, our current focus lies upon growth while continuing to give our users a network that is far above them all. And that requires the best designated team members, led by an executive board of leaders. We can firmly say we are blessed to have it all. The VM Beliefs We believe in freedom of expression at voguemagazin.com. With that being said, we also hope users can abide by our rules and regulations regarding certain acts, thoughts and content being posted. Since we are all about fashion, lifestyle and entertainment, there are some areas we DO NOT want on the side. These include political activity, insurance, banking, civic engagement, stock trading and credit. At voguemagazin.com, our aim is to ensure that our network is fit, safe and clean for users that are as young as 13 years of age. This includes the following: Nudity and pornography scenes- any content comprising of intimate pictures or videos of yourself or any other individual will not be tolerated. Hate related speech- this comprises of content that is targeted at a specific caste, creed, gender, race, national origin or color. Any threatening statements posted or harassments incurred will not be accepted on our platform. We believe in unity, harmony and tolerance at voguemagazin.com. Content that incites violence and abuse- We deeply regret and prohibit those involved in physical or verbal harm to another group or individual. Any content that promotes or displays violence will not be tolerated. Those who personally threaten death or wish to inflict any form of harm on another will be removed and blocked. Graphic and Sensitive scenes- scenes that are graphic in nature have zero room on our platform. Whether its serious harm performed, cruelty of any nature, surgical procedures, visibility of one’s private parts or personal matters as well as death shall be removed immediately. Suicide and self harm- any threats related to self inflicted injury or suicide attempts will not be accepted. Extremist groups- Our platform will ensure that all accounts related to organizations who are involved with extremist groups and those who wish to inflict violence to civilians shall be removed.

The VM Ethics With your assistance and our dedication, voguemagazin.com can be a user friendly and safe experience for all users on this platform. Our commitment lies upon gaining your trust, honor and belief. Since we are an open for all platform, voguemagazin.com plays home to a number of different individuals, minds and perspective. We want users to abide by all our safety laws, designed by experts, so their experience can become a memorable one. At the same time, we want users to be ensured that whatever content they share online will only be for their personal benefit. It is confidential and we will go through all means to make sure it remains that way. Join us We guarantee those who have a flare for fashion and style will not be disappointed as they make their way onto a journey like no other. It’s a world full of new discoveries, shopping tips, fashion and fitness trends, makeup styles and inspiring stories with motivation.