Vintage never goes out of style at The Bela Noelle Collective

an exclusive online collection of designer vintage clothing, handmade fashion, beauty products and art. From faux fur to one of a kind metallic gold Chanel cross body bags, Bela Noelle hand selects each vintage piece and effortlessly styles both men and women creating a modern aesthetic in vintage clothing.

Not only does the collection feature unique vintage but this collection will soon include hand-made designs. The handmade collection is scheduled to launch this summer will include light flowy dresses, romper one pieces, and sexy lingerie. Bela Noelle pushes the envelope and even promotes a lifestyle of wanderlust, mindfulness, and spirituality. This hot new website is a lifestyle of appreciating the past while remaining present. Stay informed on how to live a happy and whole life by following subscribing to the Bela Noelle blog.

The Bela Noelle Collective doesn’t stop at beauty and fashion either. Bela Noelle Partners with the National Advocates for Pregnant Women by contributing a portion of their profit to the mission of NAPW and features an annual Baby Shower for at risk pregnant women. The event provides pregnant women with free health screenings, referrals, diapers, baby clothing, care items, and beauty products so the women feel pampered as they prepare to care for a new born child.

What’s not to love about the Bela Noelle brand right? Vintage, Modern, Hand-made fashion, natural beauty products, Art and a good cause? It doesn’t really get better than that! If you’re in a giving and getting move shop now at