Takedown Tool-E – An Easy and Safe Way to Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions

There is certainly finally a simple and safe way to eliminate sewn-in locks extensions.

The Takedown Tool-E can be an innovative, assembled plastic and steel slim handheld device used to aid in the safe and efficient removal of locks extensions. The Takedown Tool-E helps an individual quickly and properly removes extensions using its unique C-shape Reducing Curve. A’Mera Frieman developed this idea when she was viewing a character video having a hawk’s beak. Because of the Takedown Tool-E’s simple utilize it can not only save you time; nevertheless, you can also avoid the expense of having your locks stylist take nice hair out for you. The Tool-E’s effective safety features help avoid any harm to the head and slash thread or locks tracts easily and quickly without harming the real locks.


The Tool-E’s unique efficient safety features help avoid any harm to the scalp and cuts thread or hair tracts easily and quickly without damaging the true hair. It really is much safer than using razor cutting blades or the alternatives.

Expansion wearer’s also spend less having the ability to reuse expensive locks bundles. The invention is new, groundbreaking, and cost-effective.

The Takedown Tool-E removes the threat of being cut with a cutter or losing locks from razor cutting blades or scissors.

Dangers and challenges

We’ve experienced in producing history consumer products. Because of this, we know about a few of the making problems. A potential problem the Takedown Tool-E would have is delays in defining fine information on the merchandise to be sent to make it properly fit because of its purpose. For instance, perfecting the prototype for you so are there no issues when the merchandise is within your hand.

Good design does take time and experience which we’ve. We only expect small making delays if any. There’s always a potential for delays through traditions or shipping and delivery. We are in continuous connection with our abroad manufacturers to enable you to get the latest improvements.

Quality control is another concern we’ve faced before. To fight this, we will require regular sampling and try new colors with extreme caution. We know what things to look for and ways to get there. However, we realize that Plan A doesn’t always work and we will have a back-up plan.

We might face copycat designs and knockoffs in the foreseeable future. We will brand underneath of our devices to make sure you get an excellent product