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Whenever we want to personalize a T-shirt with this logo design, we often ask ourselves where you can stick it. Where would be where for your brand? What exactly are the perfect measurements for adding your slogan? An appropriate and most affordable way to quickly get the own designs imprinted on high-quality t-shirts. In order to answer these questions and many more, and also to provide you with a tailor-made solution for your promos, we’ve developed the new top printing area. The new printing area is an addition to the whole area, and that means you have two options depending on your designs.

Singapore t shirt printing, Depending on the design of your logo or image, choose the one that suits it best from the two printing areas. You will find below a more detailed explanation to be able to make the right decision.


The top area is perfect for large quantities and is specially made for adding your logo design and messages. It requires the design of the horizontal strip. It really is at upper body elevation which is where to make your brand stick out. This higher area is recognized as a wordmark and it is a feature utilized by businesses around the world, for example, Coca-Cola, Polaroid, Cannon or Google. If you’d like the name of your brand to be etched into our thoughts, employing this printing area is the best idea.

Symbols and icons

In case your campaigns and promos have designs predicated on icons and icons or you just want to consume more space on the T-shirt, the complete area is the main one for you. The complete area has a rectangular form similar compared to that of a bit of A4 paper, which will provide you with greater presence. Using icons and symbols, you’ll create a far more strong visual reference to your visitors, without them needing to even browse the name of your brand.

Emblem or escutcheon logos

In case your logo can be an emblem or an escutcheon, you can experiment with it just as that big brands and sports teams do. Where, certainly, is near the center. Therefore, choose the higher printing area but only stick it in the region right above the upper body (to the direction on your preview, so that it is where the heart is). It is a stylish way of placing your logo and improving the team soul among your employees. Now that you have all the information you require and some recommendations, it is time to create your T-shirts with full confidence in realizing that they will look perfect! Choose your area and make the best impression.