DragynSkyn – Extreme Base Apparel – Sweat All You Want, We Have You Covered

Dragynskyn was created to be utilized in apparel like a compression foundation layer shirt to safeguard the clothing a person wears over 90%-99% of the torso allowing only drinking water vapor to filter through the micro-porous laminate.

The shirt is made up of fabric with the product quality to stretch like normal fabric because of the extremely thin and light laminate-tofabric composition.

The fabric was created to simply be waterproof, windproof, breathable and feel just like a standard compression base coating apparel when worn during high-intensity activities during work or play. Your body sweats profusely in more areas than simply the armpit. Several tee shirt products are made to prevent perspiration through in the armpit area only.

A universal problem in police or for anybody that wears body armor, nobody has created basics Apparel specifically made to address this issue.

After many years of testing the bottom Apparel shows to not simply work for body armor but crosses to anybody needing an extreme sweat resistant compression wear.

Compression wear made to be worn under body shield it protects your ballistic vest from becoming contaminated with perspiration.

DragynSkyn’s unique fabric design works like Gore-Tex however in a thin fabric worn as a compression top.

It blocks harmful perspiration, only allowing drinking water vapor through greatly diminishing, even eliminating the smell and bacteria development issue on whatever you wear more than a base layer top.

Dragynskyn is the major step of progress from where Under Armour started.

Originally made to be worn under body armor, the fabric was created to prevent sweat build-up by allowing 99% of water sweat is made up of to evaporate through the special laminated fabric. This causes an elevated cooling effect because the body cools through evaporation of perspiration / drinking water from your skin. Conversely, the framework and structure of the 3 level fabric using medical quality TPU micro porous laminate presents an even of security against microbes because of the size of the skin pores in the laminate, allowing only drinking water vapor molecules to feed.

The fabric dries quickly because of the hydrophobic quality created by the 3 split product, stopping the fabric from absorbing large percentage of moisture against moisture wicking fabrics used today for bottom layer apparel.

The waterproof quality also is important in helping keep carefully the skin dried out during activities in cold wet weather.

Wet epidermis causes your body to loose high temperature, so whatever prevents your skin from getting damp assists in reducing the likelihood of hypothermia.