Casual Outfits for Weekend to Keep You Looking Great In 2018

Sartorial lovers never sleep. In fact, they use ‘relaxing-moments’ such as the weekend, as excuses for more fashion adventures. It’s not my case of course, as I’d rather live in sweats all day every day. Cool looking sweats but sweats nonetheless. However, sometimes even slobs like myself need a little fashion jazz awakening. So weekend outfits are the best excuse ever: you have the time + you don’t need to go all out and drape yourself in Swarovski (unless you want to)… It’s chill. Casual. Pretty Dealz specializes in offering fashionable women clothing, Handbags, Accessories, Health & Beauty Products, plus size fashion, activewear, sunglasses, jackets, lingerie etc at the best prices. They are specifically designed for those who want to look professional yet fashionable.

Whatever’s on your agenda things rule the weekend: jeans, knits, leggings. Even if there’s an evening party to go to, until you actually arrive there, you still get to lazy around in some casual inspired weekend outfits. All this is fantastic, but at exactly the same time this weekend uniform can become too redundant, you know. I mean there’s only so many ways to wear a pair of jeans with a sweater… Besides who wants to look like that what’s her face next to you? Well… nobody. Unless that face has great style. Weekends are made to relax, to run errands, to go shopping, to go to brunches with your friends, to spend time with your family… so while killing it infall the above you also want to kill it in what you wear, be it super cozy and casual.


Jeans?! How shocking I know, coming from me, but yes’ going to love them.

  • wear skinny jeans with an increase of oversized sweaters
  • wear classic trim denim with installed sweaters, or even more body-conscious styles
  • Wear tiny little sweaters with skinny denim jeans as well, but go for sporty or casual shoes to balance out the look.
  • mom denim jeans look amazing with all sweater styles
  • to wear blue, black, or white denim
  • Boots, sneakers, and your go-to-comfy-shoes.
  • coating a knit comfy cardigan with a cool partner t-shirt, button-down, or arrived top
  • Pay attention to details: great jewelry and an adorable bag can make all the style difference.


Okay, this may be a personal preference but I see no problem in wearing gym clothes outside the gym. do happen to work out every once in a while – hence the fashion crush on these, but that aside… they look amazing. Hello, athleisure! So if you’re anything like me… you know there’s nothing like that feeling of a cool sporty look on a Saturday to the farmers market, to coffee, to the gym, to god knows where.

  • pair leggings with super oversized hoodies
  • chose statement sweatshirts or hoodies
  • go for simple style: grey, black, white
  • layer with a coat or a jacket for more versatility
  • wear sneakers only (sometimes UGGS work too)
  • You can, of course, switch it up and wear leggings and sweaters, and jeans and sweatshirts.
  • do your thing


With regards to the style and the shoes, this look can go from hobo chic – weekend clothes – to meals, to office wear. I’m probably biased upon this one too… but knit dresses are too comfortable to be skipped, plus they do go so well with your Sunday and Weekend activities, right? They’re fashionable and casual.

  • oversized long sweaters dress in sneakers or knee-high boots and an enormous coat
  • midi knit dresses with sneakers
  • mini sweatshirts dress in a coating or a coat and tennis shoes on
  • sweatshirts dress over jeans

So what are your go-to weekend outfits, are you like jeans with anything kinda person or a sweats person… or are you actually one of those cool put together people who take time and plan their weekend outfits?