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Jewelry is no longer limited to women only – in truth, the men’s jewelry industry is pretty big, with males growing their selections and adding items to their style. This guide will show you the best men’s jewelry items to own.

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Jewelry For Men

We like to believe that men, are up to scrape on the latest fashion styles and how to successfully wear them. However, we know that there’s one aspect of menswear that most of you struggle with, and that’s male jewelry. You may have the perfect outfit composed, but you could fall at the last hurdle if you attempt to wear some jewelry but get it terribly wrong. We’re here to help you – we want our readers to be all rounders when it comes to style.

Men’s jewelry is a lot more understated and a lot less flashy than women’s jewelry. We both wear it to accessorize and add another element to our outfits, but men do it in a much more delicate and minimal way. With this style guide, we will lead you through the best jewelry to own, and advise you on how to wear them, and what to style them with.

Men’s Watches

Let’s start with something easy. Watches are one of the most important men’s accessories. Not only are they practical, however, they give off a serious sense of elegance. Have you ever heard the saying that men are judged by the shoes that they’re wearing? Well, it’s a similar situation with watches. We’re not saying you need to visit and spend a small fortune on a Rolex, we’re merely suggesting you take some time to consider what you put on your wrist when collating an outfit.

Not all watches are expensive, so we suggest you either do one of two options – and this applies to most jewelry. Either purchase a few cheaper watches in different styles to match your assorted looks or get one that’s a little more expensive, timeless (pun meant) and minimal to visit with every outfit.

Men’s Necklace

Necklaces may be deemed as more of a women’s accessory, however, simple changes to them like the chain style and space can make them considerably more masculine. With most men’s jewelry, we would suggest if you’re going to wear a male necklace, you wear a minimal one. Silver chains for men are always a wise choice – they may be as minimal as you can get.

Links of London stock some high-quality chains of different thicknesses and different lengths. To style your necklace, wear it over a plain T-shirt as part of a simple outfit. This will add other dimensions to your look, whilst providing it with a touch of ‘bling’. We don’t mind pendants, either. In fact, as long as they’re tasteful, they can look really good when layered. The look below is the ideal representation of how to style a gold chain for men.

Delicate and simple.

Men’s Bracelet

Bracelets can be pretty hit or miss and can make a substantial difference to the appearance of an outfit. Long gone are the days where we collect event and charity bands that creep up to our elbows, so what bracelets are actually suitable nowadays?

Like a bracelet goes on your wrist, we would suggest you match the colour to your watch, even if you don’t wear them on the same arm. This is actually a general rule you should try to follow. Matching the colour of your jewelry will create a look that is properly drawn together, and it will look better for doing so. Mismatching gold and silver jewelry can look a bit try-hard and complicated.

Men’s Rings

Rings are a favorite when it comes to men’s accessories, and most men’s jewelry brands will focus their collections on them. The number of rings you wear completely depends on your style. Some men like to weigh their hands down in rings, where others keep it clean with a signet. If you’re new to the ring game, we suggest wearing one per hand (unless you already wear a wedding ring). The same rule applies for the colour of your rings as it does for bracelets – try to match the colors to the rest of your look.

Rings are a personal thing so choosing them will take time. People have their favorites and any ring wearer will agree that you kind of feel very naked when you don’t have them on. Whether you’re a metallic or platinum kind of man, a band can create a streetwear advantage to any clothing.

Male Earrings

Earrings for men have become increasingly more popular, especially in the creative industry. If you wish to wear earrings, it’s simple – you are usually best, as you don’t want to overdo it. There are many basic, cool studs around. The very best spot to get these would be the studio room that you have them pierced in. They’ll source high-quality jewelry that will decrease your risk of infections.

You need to be pretty conscious about when and where you were them just like you wear a suit to any office every day, it could be best if you give earrings an over-all miss. But if you’re striking up the road style vibe then earrings will fit the appearance perfectly.